Profit Hundreds Of Dollars By Using Our Pre-Made ‘Commercial-Style’ Videos…

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Profit In 3 Easy Ways

Video Ranking

Rank the videos via YouTube and profit from the traffic it sends to your offers.

Video Ads

Use the videos in Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, etc. to drive traffic to your website.

Video Sales

Sell the videos to other marketers or eCommerce store owners.

The Most Amazing Part:


No Product Research

We’ve done the product research for you.


No Video Creation

We’ve created the videos for you.

The Simple Fact Is This…


And There Are Multiple Ways To Cash In!

Now I know this is a bold claim and you have every right to be be skeptical… But in the next 5 seconds I will prove this to you with undeniable proof…

Here are some staggering stats about utilizing video in your marketing

Including video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%

YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% every year

Users are 64% more likely to buy after watching a video

(OK, maybe that was only 2 seconds?)

The funny thing is…even though most marketers know that video increases conversions…they don’t use it!!

Why is that?

There are several possible reasons:

  • Creating quality video content that actually converts is time-consuming.
  • Many marketers are unable to overcome technical issues that arise during video creation.
  • Simply because of language barriers.

But do you want to know a secret?

Anyone can add video to their marketing strategy with done-for-you videos.

Video marketing becomes easy because the videos we provide combine the power of story with the engagement of video.

Look, I have struggled online as well. There is nothing worse than pouring your heart into your online business, only to see ZERO sales day after day after day.

The truth is…even if you have the best landing page on earth, you will never make the kind of money you dream of Or build a buyer’s list if you continue to avoid video marketing.

I avoided video for a long time too…for many of the reasons listed above.

But video WILL NOT be ignored.

That’s why I decided to create a set of videos that are designed to engage the viewer and tap into their emotions, in order to put them in a buying mood.

Video does this like no other medium.

Look, the truth is…you could pick up some video editing software and learn how to make your own videos.

But unless you have tons of time, and the energy to learn video editing…it could be months before you’re producing videos that are good enough to generate sales.

Why go through all of that trouble, when all you need to do is simply upload the videos we provide. Nothing fancy or difficult or time consuming…just maximize the use of our videos!

(You can do that, right?)

Imagine adding video marketing right now and seeing a massive increase in conversions with NO extra work…

Sound like a NO-BRAINER?

Of course it is!


Commercial Style

Short, commercial-like videos that advertise a specific product niche.

Local Videos

Videos targeting local business niches such as attorneys, plumbers, and more.


Story VSL

VSL videos that tell a story about a specific product or product niche.

Take A Look At A Couple Of Our Videos

You Get 5 ‘Commercial-Style’ Videos In ‘HOT’ New Year’s Resolution Niches

  • Weight Loss for Women
  • Quit Smoking
  • Personal Finances
  • Improve Self-Esteem
  • Yoga


These videos are perfect for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Product Review Posts, Video Ads, and wherever else you can post a video!!

And are flexible enough to allow you to promote the exact product you want to promote!!

But That’s Not All!!

You Also Get In-Depth Reports On Each Niche That Include:

  • Niche Overview
  • Keyword Research
  • Affiliate Products
  • Niche Demand
  • Popular Content


Armed with the videos and the niche reports you are ready to profit!!


Private Facebook Group (Unlimited value!)

This is an exclusive group for StoryVideo customers ONLY! Within the group we share what’s working and what’s not working, as well as advanced Video Marketing strategies.

Magnetic Video Marketing ($97 Value!)

Learn step-by-step how to use video to build a consistent source of online income. This course focuses on FREE methods to create and rank your video contents almost overnight using top notch secrets.

List Building Expert ($47 Value!)

Email lists are extremely vital to the success of a business, and when used properly, they become the heart and soul of your Internet marketing efforts. To be perfectly honest, if you do not have a list, you are only hurting yourself!

My “Whatever the Reason” Guarantee

I created these videos to HELP you, not simply take your money and run.
That is why I am offering you a 30 day “Whatever the Reason” refund policy.

This is your only chance to get these amazing videos, the bonuses, the “Whatever the Reason” refund guarantee and 67% off the normal price.

There is NO RISK

it’s literally ALL ON ME!

See you soon,


Jay Allred

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